I was born in Zimbabwe, Africa and moved to Southern California in 2001 where I currently live and work as a designer in the day and a freelance designer at night. Yes, I used to have wild animals in my backyard as a child and no, not everyone in Africa is black and lives in a straw hut! It was a really cool place to grow up but I certainly do not take the wonderful country I am now a Citizen of for granted. If you ever get the chance to travel to Africa, please do it, it truly is a fantasy land filled with adventure and beauty.


The who and what of it all

If you were looking for VerticalSoul Design Co, you came to the right place, i just changed the name, the domain and pretty much everything else…

I, joel barnard, and my partner Nick Hughes thrive on a passion to design and meet deadlines. To create and express ones self through some shape or form. Whether its a Simple Website for an artist or a Complex Database for a Business, its a chance to help develop a good idea! So that’s what we do in the evenings and on weekends, during the week, I work for an architectural firm in Riverside California, as a marketing designer. Nick spends his days filling the young minds of our youth with knowledge as a teacher.


The black swan theory or theory of black swan events was developed by nassim nicholas taleb to explain:

The disproportionate role of high-impact, hard to predict, and rare events that are beyond the realm of normal expectations in history, science, finance and technology.

The non-computability of the probability of the consequential rare events using scientific methods. (owing to their very nature of small probabilities)

the psychological biases that make people individually and collectively blind to uncertainty and unaware of the massive role of the rare event in historical affairs.

We use it to explain the creative mind behind the web and print projects we live to conger, as small as they may be.


A Note on Web Hosting & Domains

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