InDesign Version used: CS5
The Following Tutorial shows you how to create crop/registration marks using 5 custom scripts I made allowing you to create marks on only the Top, Right, Bottom or left edges if needed.

The Theory

Have you ever been working on a print project and had the need for in-document crop and registration marks to help you cut or score? Well I got tired of manually making crop marks so I decided to edit the script that Adobe ships with InDesign and created 5 custom scripts allowing you to do individual edges as apposed to having to do the entire object. I also converted them from point to inches. Here’s what they do;

Creates crop and registration marks on the objects top, right, bottom and left sides in inches.
Creates crop and registration marks on the objects top side in inches.
Creates crop and registration marks on the objects right side in inches.
Creates crop and registration marks on the objects bottom side in inches.
Creates crop and registration marks on the objects left side in inches.

Here’s a screenshot (Windows 7 Running InDesign CS 5)

Custom InDesign Crop Mark Script - Joel Barnard

How to install and use the scripts

1. Close InDesign, Download the scripts and decompress them into;

Windows 7

C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe InDesign CS5\Scripts\Scripts\Panel\Samples\JavaScript


/Users/[User Name]/Library/Preferences/Adobe InDesign/Version [#]/Scripts/Scripts Panel/Samples/JavaScript

2. Open up InDesign and open the scripts panel located in Window > Utilities > Scripts > Applications > Samples > JavaScript

3. Select your object and double click the script you wish to use, you will be prompted with a settings window (Fig 1) that lets you tweak the parameters to your liking. I changed Adobes script to use inches in place of points as that is more practical for me.

InDesign Custom Crop Mark Script - Parameters
Fig 1

That’s it. Enjoy. Drink some Tea.

About the author

Joel Barnard, Graphic Designer currently employed by Ruhnau Ruhnau Clarke Architects in Riverside California. Follow me on flickr or linkedin. I HATE facebook.

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