After much trial and error, I finally successfully installed and am using a properly functioning version of HEYU. I use it at home to control some of the lighting and plan to expand my X10 empire soon. This post is help guide those of you struggling to get yours up [...]

The Following Tutorial shows you how to create crop/registration marks using 5 custom scripts I made allowing you to create marks on only the Top, Right, Bottom or left edges if needed.



Custom interview leave behind folder for Bayside YMCA. Tri-fold containing neatly layered leafs containing various information about the project. When opened the folder showcases a transparent name tab describing the project, concept art on the left, design in the center and the project team info on the right. These are [...]

As part of the re-brand I am doing for Ruhnau Ruhnau Clarke, today I finished these two 8×8 brochure pieces, one featuring the education market, the other a general piece on the firm. The two brochures are held together with a branded blue strip and are geared towards marketing to [...]

For all those who love Limbo, here is a custom iPhone text tone pack I made containing 16 text tones taken from the soundtrack. I hope you all enjoy them. (Downloaded 167 times so far.)